Garden Adventures!

SAM_0909The grade 2′s and 3′s over the next few weeks will be visiting a local community garden where they will be planting various vegetables. Our first visit was this past Monday. We got to plant lots on onions! Everyone had a great time in the sun! Stay tuned for some more pictures.


Our seed stories

We have been working very hard at creating seed stories from big watermelon stories. Seed stories are those small moments that come from bigger moments. We brainstormed and then wrote details about our small moments. We came up with so many interesting ideas, details and descriptions. We are almost finished and hope you stay tuned to see how celebration of all of our hard work!

Look at our 3d shape town!

We loved our unit on 3d shapes! To wrap things up we took what we learned and created a 3d town. We made houses, hospitals, schools and even a fire station! Some of of used one shape like a rectangular prism or a cube and some of us even put two shapes together like a cube and a pyramid! The supplies we used were toothpicks and plasticine! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

3d shapes are the best!

We have been learning about 3d shapes. We have been learning about pyramids, rectangular prisms,cubes, triangular prisms, cylinders and cones. Most 3d shapes have faces, vertices and edges. The only shape that does not is the sphere. A cube has 12 edges, 6 faces and 8 vertices. Stay tuned to hear about making our 3d shape town.

Our Writing Workshop

In writing we have been working on sketching before we write. Sketching helps us remember what we are going to write about. We have also been working on adding details to our writing. We have been adding juicey words. For example we are using humongous for the word big. Another thing we are working on is making good copies by fixing our spelling and making it neat by using fingers spaces. Today we started working on writing watermelon vs seed stories.



Our read alouds…

Once a week we end the day with a read aloud. It is a time to relax and listen to a good story. So far we have read the book Splinters and Seeing Red by Robert Munsch.  I am going to be choosing the book for next week soon. Any suggestions out there? Coming up not only will I be reading, but we will be having kid reads and book chats with snacks! Stay tuned!